Talk Dirty To Me, Baby!

Okay, the more I learn about the erotica genre, the more I learn how wide the divide is between readers’ and writers’ preferences. What I’m beginning to learn is that an informal category has been birthed from Erotica, and that category is “Porn.” If you look at categories of books or an author uploads a book that contains erotic content, you only have either Literature and Fiction: Erotica OR Literature and Fiction: Romance: Erotica. THERE IS NO PORN CATEGORY!! Now, some of you out there may think there should be, but I’m actually glad there isn’t because why add to the confusion? If fifty percent or more of a book contains sexual elements, then it will/should fall into the erotica category, regardless of story or lack thereof.

I know, most people want a story and the sex toned down, but there is an audience out there who loves their sex fun, lusty, and down and dirty. And believe it or not, I think I fall into that category. Like I told my husband when we were discussing this subject: “I think I’m a perv.”

Seriously, all joking aside, I’ve discovered the rowdier crowd can actually find well-crafted lively, dirty reads that show an abundance of creativity, even though there may not be an underlying main story. The story in these instances resides within the moment, when the reader immerses themselves in a close-up view of a sexual encounter by two or more lusty characters who want to play out their fantasies and explore their sexuality right before your virtual eyes. Think theater in the round, where everything is up close and personal.

Last weekend, I wanted to learn more about what some readers call SMUT. So after perusing Amazon, I finally decided to purchase a collection of dirty stories called: A Massive Book Of Classy Dirty Stories. And the first story is: That Handsome Doctor Shaved My Pu$$y, by M.D. Majeure, the author and curator of this luscious collection.   What I liked about this particular story was the creativity in presenting the scene and how the author shared the character’s thoughts and fantasies in forms of spoken and internal dialogue. The types of fantasies the character admitted to having covered a broad range, each one humorous and almost realistic, if a couple decided to engage in some role-playing behavior in the bedroom.

So my suggestion is this: please stop putting down harder core erotica simply because the characters are out to enjoy an experience or are simply horny and want to have sex. Well-crafted smut is actually an art and does make us stop to examine our own preferences, as well as allow us to consider how creative we might want to get behind closed doors with someone who turns us on. But enough talk; it’s time to read!

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