Strident House Is Released!


This book is actually a re-release, but that’s okay. You’ll love this story anyway. If you love old houses with a dark past and a colorful history, this read will be one you’re looking for. Spooks abound in this beautiful old home that serves as a healthcare facility. After their mother’s death, Kit and her brotherBrandon want to make sure their disabled brother, Luke, is well cared for.┬áBut things are not quite what they seem, and they can’t put their finger on it. A paranormal investigation will reveal a lot by the time all is said and done! One by one, the mysteries unravel.

What’s even more fascinating is that the inspiration for this story is based on a real place. P. Mattern took advantage of what she knew, let her imagination run wild, and went for it as hard as she could, weaving a fine tale of intrigue and creepiness.

Halloween is coming fast, and what a better way to spend an evening than curled up in your favorite chair, coffee in hand, reading a scary ghost story!

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