Make Way For: Mistress Of The House


Scarlet Darkwood would like to welcome Mistress Of The House to her family of House Tales stories! This particular story features a female as the winning lead, one who gets what she wants by knowing how to play the game. If you read Pleasure House, you saw Thelma Starnsby for a short while as she told Rose a little bit about how she won over the love of her life, Harry Wisenburg. Now you’ll get to read the details of how she pulled it all all off–ahem–no pun intended–well, maybe just a little! Set in the 1920s, women of that era played a more passive role in the bedroom. Not Thelma! After her stay at The House, the town’s local insane asylum, she learns from her stay on the naughty side of The House all the aspects of carnal pleasures and how to use them to her advantage. When she returns home, she aims to put the new power she’s acquired to good use–her aim: get Harry to propose marriage. Modern girls may snicker at that notion, but back then, marriage for women was a huge deal, the only way to a better life. So you ladies out there, think about living in a time when you had little rights, and you didn’t even get a chance to have a bad day at the office, simply because no one would hire you due to your gender. But Thelma teaches us that the female gender is a strong and powerful one, and we get to hear her roar!

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