Welcome to Dark Books Press. This site features both adult and YA books. After much thought and debate, it was decided that having a publisher site might be nice.

This site features not only my works by Scarlet Darkwood, but other authors as well. How does an author get accepted by Dark Books Press? I must admit that this decision is mine, totally random, and based on how I’m feeling at a given moment. Scary, but true! Any work I accept will be reviewed by me to see if I think it meets my quality standard, and you must at least have a story that’s reasonably well-written. The most important factor: it must be entertaining.

If you want your work published by Dark Books Press, feel free to contact me!

Work is more readily accepted if it has been professionally edited before submission. Depending on time constraints, I may choose to do it myself or hire the editing out (my discretion) if the work has not been edited. If a book is a re-release, it will receive a new cover. Dark Books Press needs the rights to use the cover and the images on it. The author receives 40% royalties. Dark Books Press usually pays all costs of production, unless author and publisher agree to a different arrangement. If a contract is awarded, The Author Agreement will have more information. **NOTE: For Amazon, books will be under the regular Kindle Direct Publishing program; Books will not be placed in KU/KDP Select. I also do not sell on iTunes for privacy reasons.** Books will be placed on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo. Print books will be available through CreateSpace (Ingram Spark is optional if you want to be considered for bookstores).

As for the adult material listed here, the levels are Flame 1-5 (5 being the most graphic and most objectionable by delicate minds and dispositions), and if I decide I like the stories, they’re going to be listed here, regardless of how taboo they may be. If you’re too prudish to handle that, please read book descriptions carefully before you buy. Likewise for the YA books. If you’re looking for a steamy read, please read the description and category.

Though you won’t be able to purchase books directly from this site at this time, there will be links to the books listed here, and you will be able to purchase an author’s works from the site on which they’re listed. I’ve decided I can’t compete with Amazon, but I can try to tout myself and others to boot.

If you would like for me to consider your work, email me first to discuss. If you have any other wonderful ideas you’d like to share, you can also contact me. My email is:  sdarkwood(at)gmail(dot)com



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