Stardust Book Fair 2018

Stardust Book Fair 2018

(photo: Scarritt Bennett Center, Nashville, TN-personal collection)

Welcome to the Stardust Book Fair Event Page! This is where we will have all the information for the Fair, which is slated for April 28, 2018. We hope you’ll join us. Below is all the information for authors to sign up, and for readers to purchase tickets. Hope to see you there!

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Authors, if you’re interested in attending this event, please fill out the Interest Form to reserve your spot:

Stardust Book Fair Interest Form


Additional Information :

Where: Scarritt Bennett Center: Nashville, TN

When: April 28, 2018; Time: 12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. (VIP ticket-holders will be allowed in starting 11:00 a.m.)

Location: Scarritt Bennett Center; 1008 19th Ave. South, Nashville TN 37212; Laskey Building—The Great Hall (

Cost of Tables: $165 (full 8ft); $85 (1/2 (4ft); lunch meal included in ALL table fees, full or half! Note: because this is a debut show, tables are limited. As the show grows, there will be more availability. If you wish to participate, please reserve your table ASAP! There will be a wait list. Will get two free tickets to give away. **ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE; YOU MAY TRANSFER TO ANOTHER AUTHOR AND NOTIFY US (the new author taking over the table will need to pay the former author directly)**

Cost for Assistant/Spouse: $39 (also includes meal). You can only bring one person. Choose wisely! Note: each table will only have 2 chairs total. **ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE; YOU MAY TRANSFER TO ANOTHER AUTHOR AND NOTIFY US; the new author taking over the table will need to pay the former author directly for fees)** ##NO COVER MODELS ALLOWED##

Rooms: Located on campus; 2-bedroom suite (single beds) with shared bath. Single room: $95 (if you don’t mind sharing a bathroom with the adjoining-room suite mate); Two Rooms: $190 (good choice for two people buddying up!) Note: Most rooms in Nashville go for well over $200/night, and are off campus. Room fees noted for this event include all taxes. If you are traveling with a friend, spouse, assistant, please have one person call to request the two rooms. **ALL ROOM FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE; YOU MAY TRANSFER TO ANOTHER AUTHOR/READER AND NOTIFY US**

Parking: On campus: Lots A & B (first come, first serve—free); street parking for free on 18th Ave.—if you can find a spot. Metered Parking on 19th Ave. (both sides of street at $1.50/hlf hr—2hr limit; free parking from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. Mon-Sat. Free on Sun.
On 19th Ave. S. and Scarritt Pl, there is the Wesley Place Parking Garage. Located directly across the street from campus, there are many spaces available; rates are $1.50/hr or $15/day (the business day begins at Midnight; Takes credit/debit cards).

Genres: All genres; however, Romance/Erotica will be limited. We are focusing on other genres (per readers’ requests). If you are a romance writer, get your table quickly! The only way you may be allowed over the limit is via cancellation of authors at the last minute. There will be a wait list.

More About The Surrounding Area: Scarritt Bennett Center is a small campus with beautiful gothic-style architecture, giving you the feeling you’ve stepped back in time. The rooms and buildings are easily accessible and are pleasing in atmosphere. If you are dining off campus, 21 Ave South is literally a block away, and is home to eateries, ice-cream shops, and bars.

Broadway, the road leading to Downtown Nashville, is close by, and that’s where the evening action will be. Your choice of bars, eateries, souvenir shops—and of course, music—lines both sides of Broadway. If you want to sit by the Cumberland River, it’s at the very end!

Contact Information:



VIP Tickets (allows readers to enter the show 1 hour early, SWAG Bag): $30

General Admission Tickets: $15

Map & Directions

Meet Our Authors: (this list will grow!)

Casey Bond

Connie Suttle

Joe Scholes

CC Dragon

Dana Fraedrich

Susan Burdorf

Scarlet Darkwood

Brian Morris

Kenneth McGorry

Jennifer Snyder

Isaiah Marshall

Cathy Lynn

Tracy Lucas

A D Herrick

Amanda Burkhead

G.D. Burkhead

Jacqueline Rhoades

Marie Nicole Harper

Shelby Reeves

Bill Powers

Monica-Marie Vincent

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